Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What are the most commonly asked spiritual questions?

WHAT IS GOD? God is the One Power and One Presence in the Universe. We are all interrelated. God is within each and every one of us.

WHAT CAUSED US TO BE? This universe was created using two important laws, the Law of Potential and the Law of Attraction. There exists in the universe the potential for life, and we have been created out of this great potential. The Law of Attraction enabled us to coming into being and enables us to create our world.

WHY AM I HERE? As a human being, we each have within us the potential to create a life which is uniquely ours to live. This is our gift to ourselves and to the world. At any point in our life, we can evaluate what is working and what isn't. At any point in our life, we have everything we need to reinvent ourselves, as Jesus said, to be born again. We can reinvent ourselves as individuals and reinvent ourselves as a species. We are not bound by what we have been in the past. We can bring fresh awareness to every situation and see it and ourselves in a fresh, new light of potential manifesting Good.