Thursday, January 19, 2012

If we get what God wants us to have, why ask?

I believe God wants us to have peace of mind, the strongest desire we have; God wants us to be in harmony, our most natural state; and God wants us to be in a continual cycle of giving and receiving love, the greatest experience we can have on this earth.  

God wants us to have these things because that is what God is. Not an old man with long white beard sitting on a throne somewhere in the far reaches of the universe eager to punish us if we do wrong. God is Life.   

The three primary characteristics that assure the continuation of Life on Earth are peace, harmony and love and every person born into this world has the unlimited potential to express these three attributes.

We have free will to choose how we want to live our lives but at times we make the wrong choices. In a fit of anger we choose conflict instead of peace. Prejudices, discrimination and harsh judgments lead us into disharmony with others. And there are times when we choose not to love. We "have" what God wants us to have. Peace, harmony and love are the very essence of our being, we never have to ask for them.

But we don't always get what God wants us to have because we choose otherwise.