Friday, January 16, 2009

The Gold Road

Everything you see around you came forth from a creative process: the clothes you are wearing, the home you live in, the chair you are sitting in, the television program you watch. The ability to create what you want in life isn't a mystery nor is it a special talent reserved for a select few. Your creativity comes from following the "creative process" which leads from the invisible realm of inspired thought to the manifestation of actual experience.

Over the next eight weeks, you will be learning the spiritual art of creating what you want in your life based on unwavering Universal Principles. Please know that you will succeed in this process for everything is within your potential to understand. You are going to learn how to utilize the incredible spiritual power within you to create.

There are seven steps to the creative process, and over the next seven weeks you are going to become thoroughly familier with each step. This will allow you to become the architect of your destination and create the life you desire.

To find out more about the seven steps, click here for a free download.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

“What do you consider a meaningful life?”

As the minister at Unity Temple on the Plaza, I have on several occasions sat at the bedside of a person who is very close to dying.  The most difficult transitions are when the dying person is looking back on his/her life in a regretful way.  They regret things they did; they regret things they didn’t do;  and they  regret not fully living their lives to their hearts desire. Each of us has the freedom to live our lives the way we choose as  long as we don’t violate the God-given rights of another person to do the same.  The first point of a meaningful life is to reach the end without regrets. 

The second point of a meaningful life is to live in a way in which your presence is beneficial to the earth and its inhabitants.  It is a very comforting thought to know that somehow, someway you make a positive difference. Your life counts for something good. You matter.

The third point of a meaningful life is to continually grow in knowledge, wisdom and conscious awareness.  Each of us has a vast, unlimited mental, emotional and spiritual potential and nothing can bring the satisfaction, meaning and fulfillment that comes from the self becoming more than it has ever been before.

“Learn as if you will live forever; live as if you’ll die tomorrow!”

Saturday, January 3, 2009


We can perceive “Heaven” in two ways. As a destination of peace, harmony and love available to us when we leave this earthly plane.  We can also perceive heaven as a state of existence on this earthly plane that is characterized as one of peace harmony and love. Heaven is a state of mind, whether on earth or in the hereafter that comes about as a result of our thoughts.  When we align our thoughts with the thinking of the great spiritual masters we automatically receive the benefits of a heavenly state. 

The universal principle of cause and effect states the nature of any cause is found in its effect.  If love is the cause of your thoughts, words and actions, love is going to be the effect.  The same holds true for hate, resentment and conflict, which create an uncomfortable condition in our lives  often referred to as hell.  Each of us individually creates the emotional state of our existence.

We have the free-will to chose the thoughts, words and actions we express.  By choosing to express peace, harmony and love we create situations in our lives that are of “heaven”.   You are responsible for the conditions of your life.  So, the next time you are feeling greatly disturbed, hateful, in conflict or out of harmony ask yourself,  “What IN hell am I doing.”