Tuesday, October 21, 2008



If God responded to fervent prayer for a miracle healing, this would indicate that God judged the one in need as worthy of healing. This would also mean if one didn’t receive a miracle healing God had judged that person to be unworthy of such a grant. I wouldn’t want any person who is on their death bed to think that God didn’t find them worthy to save or even that God didn’t care. Wouldn’t that be a horrible feeling to go out of this world with?

I don’t believe that God intervenes in our lives but I do believe that God Spirit is in everyone of us, and the more we awaken to that power, the more we are able to utilize  it for physical, emotional and mental healing. 

Not long ago it was considered a miracle that our thoughts could have a healing effect on diseases of the cellular level.  Today that idea is commonplace.  We know negative thoughts of anger, resentment, guilt, shame and feelings of unworthiness weaken us. We also know that thoughts of peace, faith and appreciation for “what is” in the present moment, strengthens us. Above all else, love is the greatest and most rewarding emotional experience we can have on this earth.  Whether one is ill or not, miracles happen when we bathe ourselves daily in thoughts of love.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Value of Faith

Although faith can definitely lift one’s mood during uncertain times and even reassure us that the welfare of a loved one will turn out well, faith isn’t a surefire equation for health, wealth and happiness.  Jesus had faith that could move mountains, until the very end but he certainly wasn’t happy about his predicament.  Although a positive mind set grounded in faith can definitely have a healing  effect on some illnesses, the vast majority of life threatening diseases are going to run their own course outside the effects of faith.  If attaining great wealth is one’s personal goal, it certainly is an advantage to have the faith to take well-thought-out chances and step forth into unchartered territory, but if it is not accompanied by good business sense and hard work, faith will do little.

Nonethless, Faith is a powerful force. The unexpected challenges we face are like the sudden storm that quickly darkens the sky.  The clamor of thunder like the fears that attempt to shake the foundation of our beliefs.  Yet faith is the fortress where worry and doubt cannot enter, and the light of hope never dims.  Faith held strongly will see us through the darkest night until the sun rises in glory and shines brilliant on the good that lies ahead.  When our thoughts and feelings run reckless through our minds screeching about the unknowns of the future, faith can be the stilling whisper that assures us everything is going to be okay.