Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One Power and One Presence
Looking out to the far reaches of the sky, we see a space so vast that it is incomprehensible. Using the latest technological advancements, we can observe the inner depths of our physical presence.

Beyond the physical there is a common energy, a spirit, that is the very essence of life. We call this spirit God, and it permeates everything in the universe around us as well as every cell in our bodies.
Yet one of the greatest misperceptions that plagues us at times is that God is separate from us. Having a sense of separation from God can leave us feeling helpless, hopeless, and fearful in regard to the more difficult situations we face in life. In addition—living in this illusion of separation from God—we often turn to the world around us in search of something to sustain us, to give us courage, or to depend on for strength, only to be let down in the long run.

There are two basic ways that we can strengthen our relationship with God. The first is to have an understanding of God that moves beyond myth to an awareness of the God Presence within us as love given unconditionally and continually. The spirit of God within never leaves us, never withholds from us that which we need, and never condemns us as unworthy. To truly know our oneness with God is to move from our mind to our heart, because it is from the consciousness of love that we resonate with the presence of God within.

The second way to strengthen our relationship with God is to have absolute trust in God. When problems appear to abound and challenges seem to overwhelm us, we remain confident and secure. During the most difficult of times, we will have faith, hope, love, strength, and peace of mind as we turn to God, affirming God's presence and supply. That which we need will be provided.

There is one Presence and Power in the universe and in our lives. As we believe in God and trust in God, our cup shall truly overflow.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Power of Belief

The world is blessed with hundreds of thousands of buildings which are magnificent in style. From the grand cathedrals of Italy to the Taj Mahal, various palaces and the incredible skyscrapers of New York City there are buildings that are awe inspiring. Every one of those structures began as a vision in the architect’s mind. Every material thing you can think of was at one time nothing more than an idea, a tiny spark of an idea, held within the mind of an individual who believed he or she could manifest that idea into physical reality.

Every one of us has the God-given ability to create within our minds, images, ideas and visions that have the potential to manifest into physical reality. All we have to do is believe. What is it you want out of life? Are there things you would like to improve in your relationships, physical health, emotional well-being or self-image? Imagine already having what it is you want. Experience the joy of it in your mind. When you make it real in your mind, the mind becomes a goal seeking device that will guide you and direct you in ways that will make what you want real in the outer world.

"When you pray, whatever it is you want, pray in a way in which you believe you have already received it and it will be yours".” Jesus Christ

Thursday, April 15, 2010


By Lysa Allman-Baldwin (in latest Unity.Org online magazine)

In 1928 Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, Unity's founders, purchased land on Kansas City's beautiful Country Club Plaza with plans to build the first Unity church. Charles Fillmore intended the structure to be a tribute to his beloved wife.

It took 15 years of planning and five years to build the detailed structure, which includes a massive limestone foundation. Charles Fillmore believed it was symbolically important for a church to have a solid foundation—just as it is important for a person to have a strong spiritual foundation.

The church structure is full of symbolic accoutrements selected by Charles Fillmore himself. Details include murals, beautiful stained glass and an awe-inspiring 1,260-seat sanctuary. Senior minister Duke Tufty says Charles Fillmore went to great lengths to honor his wife. “[The Temple] was his prize to her. He made it the best that it could possibly be.”

Regrettably, both Charles and Myrtle Fillmore made their transitions before the distinctive landmark building was completed. Unity Temple on the Plaza held its first services in 1948.

Although most people refer to the Temple as a church, it encompasses much more, says Tufty. “Unity Temple is a center for well-being. We are a church and we hold church services, but our primary purpose is to be a center that helps establish and support well-being for the body, mind and spirit by providing space for many different approaches to spirituality.”

Unity Temple attracts a broad spectrum of people for a variety of spiritually based services, programs and classes. “The Temple is so wonderfully inclusive, and we have many different community activities here. Anybody that walks through the door can find something with a spiritual attitude that increases their sense of well-being,” notes Tufty.

Over the years, the Unity Temple community has continued to evolve. Historic milestones include the addition of the Cornerstone Foundation, a group which presents an array of community author events and programs; Spirituality and All That Jazz, featuring some of Kansas City's best jazz artists and musicians; and Eden Alley, an award-winning vegetarian restaurant.

Other popular features at the church include alternative Catholic and Buddhist meditation and worship services, a bookstore, fitness classes, addiction support groups, concerts and theater productions.

Now 120 years since the Unity movement began, Unity Temple stands strong as one of the hundreds of Unity centers worldwide. Together they carry on the Fillmore's legacy to honor the universal truths in all religions and to respect each individual's right to choose a spiritual path.

This feature originally appeared on www.Unity.org

For more great history about Unity Temple, go to: http://www.unitytemple.com/about/history.asp

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I receive the amazing grace of God

And I am lifted up and moved beyond

any sadness, anger or despair

caused by some misfortune of a time gone by.

I open my mind to the amazing Grace of God

And every disturbing thought

Is made impermanent

Leaving peace as the foundation of my soul.

I praise the amazing Grace of God

For through it my wellness is restored,

My hope is reignited,

And I am made whole.