Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Hope

In this season of hope and inspiration, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, to honor the message he brought to this world. His message awakens us to the God Spirit within us. The God Spirit is in every living person equally and abundantly and provides for us everything we need to live a comfortable and fulfilling life. Jesus’ message was one of peace, harmony and love. Where there was conflict, he brought peace. Where there was hatred, he brought love. Where there was darkness and despair, he brought the light of a new day and new life. He said to all, “What I have done, you can do also, and even more.”

Jesus’ words can awaken our inner power, can move us from the trenches of hopelessness and despair, can enable us to rise and move beyond the uncomfortable conditions of our lives. In the Bible, it says that without vision, people perish. So, in this season of hope and inspiration, we can take advantage of this time to reflect on our vision for the future. We can establish the vision, hold it strong in our mind, and draw on our spiritual attribute of hope to give the vision life. That which we hold in mind will manifest in our lives. Deep within our being, we know this to be true.

The consciousness of each of us individually determines the reality of our life, and the consciousness of the people on this planet Earth determines the state of the world in the future. Let each of us recognize the Power within and envision a better world and a better way of life, and know that is the reality that we are manifesting in this very moment.

Hope is a spiritual attribute that each of us possesses in an unlimited way. Without hope, we are only half alive. With hope, we dream, we think, and we work towards realization of our hearts’ desire. Hope is energy. Hope is fuel for a better way of living. Hope makes seeming impossibilities give way to the manifestation of our dreams. Just as the new life of springtime comes forth from the dark womb of winter, and just as splendor rises up out of the desolation, each of us can recognize that a hopeful thought is like a rising sun. It bursts through with glory and lights up our world. We recognize that the problems and challenges we face are merely the prelude to a better day and a better life. So, with discrimination towards none, compassion for all, and a strong desire for what’s ours to claim, we allow our hopes to rise in glory.

Joining together, we have the Power to envision our future world as a place where all of nature is held sacred, a place where the environment is preserved, and every living thing is able to flourish. We envision a peaceful Earth, where the nations of the world have joined together with a sense of unity, when battles, wars and weapons are no longer needed. We envision our world as a place where every person has a good home, enough to eat, proper medical care and all the amenities that support a healthy lifestyle. We envision our world as a place where diversity is truly celebrated, a place where every person knows their value and unique purpose, and where each of us honors and values those who are different.

We can join together and proclaim, “Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me.”

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Art of Living
The Four Cornerstones

FORGIVENESS, of disturbing memories of the past

AWARENESS, for capturing the joy of the present

IMAGINATION, for designing the future

FREEDOM, to be all that you uniquely are!