Monday, July 11, 2011

What question should I ask in seeking a spiritual home?

Imagine for a moment you came face to face with God and posed the question of what you should look for in choosing a spiritual home. God might say: All people come forth from one source, all people are one in spirit.

Therefore look for a spiritual home that honors the diversity of the earth and holds all beings equal whether it is between woman and man; Christian, Muslim or Jew; homosexual and heterosexual;  black or white, Asian, Hispanic or Native American. 
Just as God has no prejudices or discriminations towards any person, an institution which is intended to bring people closer to God, should have none either.

Secondly, God might say: choose a spiritual home that empowers you not overpowers you. One that supports you in living the life your heart desires and not one that depreciates your individual value by insisting you are a sinner, unworthy in the eyes of God and then shellacking you with guilt and shame.

Lastly, God might say find a spiritual home that instills within you a strong sense of peace and harmony and encourages the congregation to join together collectively to increase the peace and harmony in the world.

You have a strong mind and a wise inner source of direction. You will know when you are in the right place.