Monday, May 16, 2011

Is there life after death?

I understand that religion involves faith, but is there any sort of proof that there is life beyond this physical existence when we die?
Fundamental religions believe when we die, a day of judgement determines our destination of heavenly bliss or hellish torture. Eastern religions believe when we die a decision can be made to reincarnate in another earthly existence. Psychics believe they receive messages from those who have departed  implying there is life after death.  All of the above rely on faith to feel secure in the belief.  As of late, a bridge is being built between science and spirituality. 
Quantum physicists have concluded that the universe is made up of an everywhere present energy. For example, sub-atomic particles, the very building blocks of our existence, are pure, invisible energy.  The spiritualist refers to this as the spirit of God which is the essence of our being.  The quantum physicist has concluded that this energy does not dissipate or cease to be.  The spiritualist sees this energy (spirit) as the soul which takes on the body to exist on the physical plane of being and then moves beyond it when the body is laid down.  The advancement of science and the evolution of spiritual thought has brought us to the point where we can declare with certainty that God spirit (by any other name is still God Spirit) is within us providing for us what is needed to maintain our eternal individuality and experience our oneness with God..