Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What is Unity

Unity in its proper perspective is not a religion but rather a source of spiritual nourishment. Religion can be divisive and discriminatory because doctrines, dogma and creeds are written as “the” way and not “a” way. The differences in doctrines between religions often become egotistically bloated to the point that a deep division lies between them. A quick review of history shows us that there have been more conflicts and wars in the name of God by opposing religions than there have been between civilizations.

Unity Temple is not here to impose on you religious creeds or to try and convince you of thinking in a certain way but rather we are here to help you identify your unique and individual needs and present Truth Principles that can help you not only satisfy those needs but progress to a more fulfilling life in the process. We don’t take the position that Unity is "the" way. It might very well be likely at this point in your life, your greatest need can be filled by a strong fundamental church, and we encourage to seek that out if it is for your highest good.

The teachings at Unity Temple are based on peace, harmony, love and a sense of oneness with others and your world. That vital aspect of life will never change, and we know if that is where our focus is, that is what will manifest in our lives.