Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ways to Oneness

The first Truth Principle of Unity is that there is one Power and one Presence in the Universe. Some call this power God. By any name, it is the same Divine Spirit that we each are a part of. On the path of life, there may be times when we feel separate and alone, searching for some encouragement to carry on. When we have those moments of uncertainty, we can remind ourselves of this Divine Spirit that is always with us, within us, is us. How can we better connect to this innate knowing of God? Here are five suggestions:

1. SURRENDER: Accept the unchangeable

2. EMPTY YOUR MENTAL BACKPACK: Forgive - Release - Let Go

3. RELEASE JUDGMENTS: Of yourself and others

4. PRACTICE COMPASSION: See things from another's perspective

5. FIND TIME FOR SILENCE: Prayer and meditation opens us up to God's wisdom