Thursday, October 13, 2011

Can we worry God too much with our little problems?

I don't believe God worries but rather I see God as a worry eliminator. Just as the mighty force of water from a fire hose can extinguish the greatest flame, the mighty faith within each of us can extinguish every doubt, worry, fear or anxiety when we turn it over to our higher power and trust in the divine order of life.

There are two kinds of problems in this world.The ones we can do something about and the ones we can't do anything about.

If we are powerless to change the situations or circumstances of a problem, challenge, setback or loss we have no other choice but to adapt to it.This often calls on us to change our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and perceptions about what has taken place or what might happen in the future.

In our prayers rather than beseeching God to "take this cup of suffering from me", we can use affirmative prayers such as: I now let go of any thoughts that hamper my peace of mind and affirm that I have everything I need to move through this difficult time and establish a sense of serenity in my life.  

If we can do something about a problem or challenge we face, then we need to draw on our resources and initiate action. Pronto!