Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is it important to believe in the existence of heaven?

We can perceive "Heaven" in two ways. As a destination of peace, harmony and love available to us when we leave this earthly plane.

We can also perceive heaven as a state of existence on this earthly plane that is characterized as one of peace harmony and love. Heaven is a state of mind, whether on earth or in the hereafter that comes about as a result of our thoughts. When we align our thoughts with the thinking of the great spiritual masters we automatically receive the benefits of a heavenly state.
The universal principle of cause and effect states the nature of any cause is found in its effect.  If love is the cause of your thoughts, words and actions, love is going to be the effect.  The same holds true for hate, resentment and conflict, which create an uncomfortable condition in our lives  often referred to as hell.  Each of us individually creates the emotional state of our existence.

We have the free-will to chose the thoughts, words and actions we express.  By choosing to express peace, harmony and love we create situations in our lives that are of "heaven".   You are responsible for the conditions of your life.  So, the next time you are feeling greatly disturbed, hateful, in conflict or out of harmony ask yourself,  "What IN hell, am I doing." 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Power of God and Prayer

God is Spirit. Spirit is the very essence of your being. It is your life energy. It permeates every atom of your body and mind.  The spirit within you provides to you a deep inner wisdom,  emotional strength,  unlimited love,  the power to imagine what it is you want in your life,  the creative ability to manifest it and a higher level of spiritual consciousness.  When we pray, we calm ourselves, open up to this higher level of consciousness and communicate directly with God.  In this quiet place we are given  the answers to our problems and the way to move beyond our challenges.

The most effective form of prayer is affirmative prayer.  With petitionary prayer we “ask” God for something.  With affirmative prayer we thank God for already providing us with what we need such as, “Thank you God for the wisdom you have given me. I now wait patiently for the answer I seek.”  or  “Thank you God for the inner strength you have given me. I affirm that strength and know I will make it through this difficult time.”  When we pray in this manner there is indeed a psychological benefit--tension and stress can be relieved--but more important than that, we free ourselves from thinking we are separate from God and helpless over our state of affairs.