Sunday, April 29, 2012

How can your faith help you to know yourself?

There is more to each of us than we realize. The greater part of our minds have not been utilized; our potential to experience more peace, love, harmony and well being has not been discovered; our skill levels in any given area can be increased.

Most of us exercise our potential for successful living to the point where life is tolerable. It isn't great or ideal. We have adapted to life's roller coaster of ups and downs.  What if you had the potential to make the "up" times of life even higher and longer lasting and the "down" times of life shorter and not so long in duration. Well, you can.

You have that potential. The primary obstacles holding us back from growing and utilizing our higher potential is fear. Fear of failure, fear of what others will think when we do fail, fear of discovering we don't have a higher potential. This is where faith comes in:  the willingness to step into the unknown, to explore new territory of being, to being okay not knowing how to get to the desired destination but willing to take the first step and have faith that as we do the next step will be shown to us.

There is no physical evidence of your untapped higher potential. Faith is knowing it's there.